Bulgarian Art – (XVIII-XX century) – National Art Gallery – 1960

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The present edition of the  colored plates gives a very general idea of the development of the Bulgarian fine arts through the ages, but it never – the less shows us the works of the some outstanding Bulgaria artists  – exponents in original trend in our national art.

From earliest days, Bulgarian fine arts have been characterized by an original and sincere rendering of the subject matter. This is well illustrated in the Madara Horseman, the partition slabs of the altar at Stara Zagora, the ceramic image of the Turnovo School of  Art, the fine icons of Sozopol, the murals and frescoes at Nerezi, Boyana, Zemen, Boboshevo, Bolyar Hrelyu’s Tower, and elsewhere. The art of Neophite and his son Dimitar and Bogdan (ca.1488), of Pimen Zograph, working towards the end of the aesthetic requirements of the people and kindled and maintained in them the spirit of the freedom and national unity.

Zahary Zograph(1810-1853)Self Portait(after 1850)
Zahary Zograph (1810-1853) Self Portait (after 1850)

The present Album give us two icons of the first and finest examples of secular art during the period of  Ottoman domination. The post – liberation works reflect the capitalist development of the country, but they nevertheless bear the progressive feeling and tendencies characteristics of the period.

Boris Angeloushev (b. 1920), Knah Asparouh's Hours Crossing the Danube(1939)
Boris Angeloushev (b. 1920), Knah Asparouh’s Hours Crossing the Danube(1939)

This brief survey of the development of  Bulgarian fine arts carries the imprint of its most  characteristic feature – a realistic approach and a highly humane aesthetic ideal.

Zlatyu Boyadjiev(b. 1903), Brezovo Shepherds(1941)
Zlatyu Boyadjiev(b. 1903), Brezovo Shepherds(1941)

True to tradition, Bulgarian art has remained untarnished by abstract influence, and is still following a road of development, the main aim of which is faithful service to the people.

Aleksander Stamenov(b.1905),Narodno Sobraniye Square (1959)
Aleksander Stamenov (b.1905), Narodno Sobraniye Square (1959)


Nikola Petrov(1881 -1916), The Lion's Bridge(1911)
Nikola Petrov(1881 -1916), The Lion’s Bridge(1911)
Danail Dechev (b.1891), A t the Monastery Gate(1936)
Danail Dechev (b.1891), At the Monastery Gate(1936)


Nikola Marinov(1879-1948), The Artist's Wife
Nikola Marinov (1879-1948), The Artist’s Wife
Georgi Popov(1906-1960), Portrait of a Woman (1941)
Georgi Popov(1906-1960), Portrait of a Woman (1941)


Nenko Balkanski(b.1907), A Worker's Familly
Nenko Balkanski(b.1907), A Worker’s Familly


Vasil Stoilov(b.1904), Bulgarian Madonna (1940)
Vasil Stoilov(b.1904), Bulgarian Madonna (1940)

Text -Nikolaj Shmirgela, Director of  the Art National Gallery, Sofia

Collection- National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1960

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