Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel



This is  for the women of our Age – our mothers, grandmothers. In this period   there was nothing in the shops, we was waiting for the new magazine  “Burda”, to sew our dress, jacket or trousers. The ladies were different and Individualists stood out … They are taught to construct themselve, be creative and devise and all this was achieved with hard work and imagination, creativity.


My inspiration for this publication was after reading the biography of Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel. Author is  Lisa Chani, which makes  three year detailed study of her life surrounded in mystery. For me, this book was interesting, because I’m immersed in the time of my grandmother, France, the two World Wars. A complex, difficult and controversial time for the construction of individuals. The book  connected me with Arthur Capel, Visconti, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Cocteau, Dimitri Pavlovich, Schiaparelli, Von Dinklage and many others.

“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. This is not so. Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity, “said Coco Chanel, the woman changed fashion forever.

Permission style, class and sophistication. These are just some of the definitions that can be summarized  fashion  label.  But the beginning of the story just was not glamorous. She grew up in the orphanage at a Catholic monastery. There the  queen of fashion learns to sew, surrounded by hardship and who serves life. This proved to be a skill that will mark not only her life but also the  millions of others around the world because it turns unimaginable fashion.

But to reach the top of the poor girl , she needs more than talent. Her  big chance and stable financial support received from a wealthy friend . In 1913  she opened her first boutique, which offers coats and raincoats.

Coco Chanel never sketched prior models, but the creative with pins and pieces of cloth on the dummy, leaving the imagination to play a silhouette of a female figure. Namely the classic silhouette created by it to this day is still in vogue.

 A little known fact that the French woman is one of the main culprits short hair came into vogue – in 1917 Coco accidentally singed locks on the gas stove.

Life of this lady gave the women a freedom to be themselves, be inspired several filmmakers in Hollywood. Anna Mouglius, Shirley MacLaine, Audrey Tautou and Kiera Knightley enter  each of them in its own unique way captures the image of the designer. The label Chanel  we can associate with the scent of Chanel 5, the little black dress and raised on a pedestal ladies’ pants.


This is a brand revealing the diversity of design in all  forms – from clothes in makeup and accessories to home furnishings. Lord of the Throne of three decades – Karl Lagerfeld, pushing the note eccentricity that distinguishes Chanel is  not only as a symbol of classic style, but also as a model of innovation.  He  gives us the opportunity to decorate our home with  brand’s design…Do not stop to surprise us with every creative decision..

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