The Secrets of Swiss Cuisine



Swiss cuisine is strongly influenced by the French, German and Italian culinary traditions but also has its own unique dishes and recipes. It comprises most – often dishes of cheese, combined with various kinds of vegetables, as well as dishes from beef, chicken, game and fish. Characteristic of most – popular national dishes such as raclette and fondue is a preparation in which everyone cooking and along with the rest of the table and share the products of common vessels.

Production of quality milk and dairy products largely determined the nature of Swiss cuisine. Cheeses are served raw or used for cooking. For each dish Swiss prefer a certain type of cheese. So the taste and aroma of the respective dish are preserved characteristic.

Not accidentally, Switzerland is the country with the largest subsidies to farmers in order to maintain the high quality of the products. Meats are often prepared broiled or grilled. The features of nature and its fertility identify the main products of the mass of the Swiss. Besides meat and cheese vegetables are also honored. Lunch or dinner usually start with salad …

Plenty of fish in the lakes and streams also affects the composition of the menu in this country. Of the many types of bread the most preferably is  black. Typical of the Swiss is that they eat it with salad. With the main dish is enough garnish of potatoes or rice. Breakfast is usually prepared with muesli and milk or cream, fruits, walnuts, honey. Real delicacy are Swiss puffs and not least the Swiss as followers of gourmet culture pay attention and table wines.

Swiss fondue

 Literally translated from the French word meaning melt. Besides its excellent taste fondue creates a sense of cohesion, warmth, friendship.



600 g cheese “Emmental”

1/2 clove garlic

500ml white wine

1 l corn starch





Refractory porcelain or faience  cooking utensil is rubbed with half a clove of garlic. It was slowly warmed white wine. Grated cheese melts, stirring continuously with a fork or wooden spoon (not to be confused in a circle, and line figure of eight). Boil over high heat. Add fuzzy in a little cold water, corn starch, seasoned with little grated nutmeg and pepper. Immediately put a little low heat – must evenly and slightly boil. 

Swiss raclette

300-400 g of cheese – “Emmental” or “raclette”

pepper – freshly ground

few boiled potatoes


Each piece of cheese Pierce debt fork and bake flame (an open stove or other flame). Of course you can use the device raclette, if you have one. Bake the cheese until the surface becomes soft and brown. Gently scrape the cheese with a flick of the knife straight into the cut potato on a plate. Sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and serve immediately.

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