Italian Cuisine


If your mother can prepare Italian cuisine, why should you go to restaurant ?! These words belong to the great  Martin Scorsese and express that the  good food occupies a central place in the hearts of Italians. It is devoid of boredom on a daily necessity for survival and brings all the nuances of a special adventure. In Italy  eat slowly and with pleasure, rare to meet someone  to take  sandwich for lunch. Many of their offices close between 13.00 and 15.00 for their employees to lunch quietly. It is hardly possible at all to think about Italy, without you mean and Italian cuisine. And we can not fail to note the fact that Italian food is one of the most widely outside the country.

  The meals, spices  are different in different regions. The cuisine of Italy is divided into several main types according to the regions in the country – Roman, Tuscan, Sicilian, Neapolitan, Sardinian, Lombard and Piedmont. Each of these regions has its own typical dishes. The Italians are very attached to the kitchen of their region, and recipes for various dishes are passed from mother to daughter or son as often.


Besides historical territorial division can be classified two types: Cucina alto-borghese  and Cucina povera (kitchen of the peasants and the poor).

Traditionally, the main meal is  the dinner in Italy and Italian menu has the characteristic layout with seven major components.

Antipasto (olives, cheese or sausage)

Hot or cold appetizers

Primo (warm dish as risotto or polenta soup)


Secondo (usually dish with meat or fish)

Contorno (usually salad or vegetable)

Dolce (sweet dessert)

Coffee (espresso)

Digestive (usually grappa or liquor)

In Italy, wine is an integral part of the diet. You can see teens to drink wine diluted with water, together with their  parents .This is considered  normal for children after age 12.

I think we can trust the Italians – statistics show that they are  the ladder of long-living people …

Buon appetito!

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